Math & Science Center, Berkshire School, Sheffield, Massachusetts

Key Details

Size: 48,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $13.6 million
Architect: Centerbrook Architects 
Owner: Berkshire School

Achieving LEED Gold certification, Berkshire’s new Math & Science Center is the school's flagship sustainable building, embodying its commitment to the environment with a variety of energy-reducing strategies and careful stewardship of the site.

The building contains chemistry, biology, physics, and environmental labs, as well as a lecture hall. Breakout study nooks and display areas line the main hallway, and a reading room, faculty office clusters, a math lab, and math classrooms were also part of the project. All of the classrooms are on display through interior windows.

The building is sided in stucco and roofed in slate, like most of Berkshire's major buildings. It also incorporates elements of the old building, which had outlived its usefulness, including wooden commemorative panels.